Follow Your Nose to Safe Driving (Part 1)

Follow Your Nose to Safe Driving (Part 1)   You can see some problems. Others you can feel. You also can SMELL them! If you want to take good care of your car and ensure its safety, follow your nose. Your car can alert you to problems through the odors it emits.   That sweetContinue reading →

Does Your Car Take Care of You in Brrrr Weather

Brrrr. It’s cold outside. You wear gloves, a winter coat, boots. What about your car? Have you done all you can to keep it running safely during the coldest of days?   Have you considered how to keep your car from freezing? Have you drained out the old antifreeze this year? Imagine all the sludgeContinue reading →

Wait! It’s Not Too Late for These Resolutions

I know what you’re saying, “The New Year has already started and it’s too late to make those New Year’s Resolutions.”   Really? Resolutions can start any time. Don’t make excuses. The important thing is to make a serious commitment to them. So let’s begin…   What are some good resolutions that you can makeContinue reading →

If I were Santa

If I were Santa…   If I were Santa, here are some things I’d leave under the Christmas trees of some people I know.   A bumper sticker for Johnny-in-a-hurry: You keep tailgating, I keep slowing down.   Bumper sticker for a grandson: Weren’t we supposed to have hover cars by now?   Bumper stickerContinue reading →

A Time to Say “Thank You”

A Time to Say ‘Thank You’   Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, but its spiritual implications are far-reaching. When we say thank-you to someone we all feel uplifted. Let us take this Thanksgiving to remember and to say thank-you to all those people who have crossed our paths on life’s journey, who have madeContinue reading →

Common Sense Rules of the Road – Part 2 – Web blog

Do you use common sense when driving? We hope so! It could save your life.   Stay with the speed of traffic – not too fast, not too slow.   If someone is tailgating you, move aside so that they can pass you.   Don’t text and drive. We repeat. Do not text and drive.Continue reading →

Common Sense Rules of the Road – Part I

Courtesy on the road not only makes sense, but it can save a life. There are countless written and unwritten rules of the road, and following these rules can be the difference between a pleasant trip and a frustrating one. Let’s review just a few of them: If you’re passing a truck, the driver mightContinue reading →

GPS May Not be the Answer

GPS May Not be the Answer If you have ever been led down the wrong path by your GPS, or if it suddenly seemed out of touch with reality, then you’re not alone. What will help is planning ahead which could save time, gas and stress. While a GPS does help direct you in unfamiliarContinue reading →