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Signs of Bad Tires

There are several indicators to look for in determining whether or not your tires are bad. These symptoms include: vibrating, unusual sounds or noise, shaking and lack of wet traction.


Sometimes tire treads develop an imperfection that cannot be balanced out. It may feel as if the tires are out of balance when this happens, and the problem persists in spite of many attempts to balance the tires. This problem is not repairable and the tires will need to be replaced.

Unusual Sounds

Sounds made by tires can either be caused by normal wear and tear or could also be the indication of a problem. A chopped tire thread is identified by a constant humming sound. This is the indication of a failing suspension component or lack of rotation. A thumping sound is usually the sign of a tire with a flat spot on it. This is generally a defect in the tire or could also be caused by locking up the breaks. Neither of these issues can be repaired as the thread has been compromised and the tires will need to be replaced.


The most evident indication of a bad tire is wobbling. Wobbling tires usually occur at low speeds. The car will bounce and the steering wheel will move back and forth. This is caused by extreme separation of the internal belts. When the belts separate this badly, the pressurized air presses on just the rubber tread of the tire. This causes a large bubble on the tire tread and that bubble is what causes the wobbling.

Lack of Traction

Another good sign of bad tires is the lack of wet traction. This is caused by the tire tread wearing down to where there are no more grooves and the tire has a smooth surface. Tire grooves are intended to allow the water on the road to escape from the tire tread. This is dangerous as hydroplaning can occur. At this point, replacement of the tires(s) is required.

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