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Be safe. Our family cares about yours.

T.P. Brake & Muffler

A family-owned auto service and truck repair business for over fifty years with their first shop opening in Rome, New York in 1969 and a few years later they expanded their auto repair and truck service business to the Utica, New York area.

The TP Brake and Muffler centers have been trusted for integrity in their work on complete exhaust systems, mufflers, catalytic converters and pipes, disk brakes and drum brakes repair, wheel alignments, sales and mounting and balancing tires for any vehicle from sub-compact, mid-sized and luxury cars to pick-up trucks and 1/2 ton and 3/4 ton trucks. When you have your vehicle's oil changed, you receive a thorough safety inspection by TP Brake and Muffler's trained mechanics so you can be more assured of a reliable and safe running vehicle. Check out the TP Brake and Muffler tire shop coupons on the web site for special discounts which change monthly for your next auto service or truck repair work.

TP Brake and Muffler is consistently making state-of-the-art improvements to their computer diagnostics inspection equipment and alignment systems to keep up with the requirements of today's more technically advanced vehicles. Precision tire service including balancing and alignments keep your tires wearing well and your vehicle running safely. We will do a complete free inspection of your car or truck to determine if any service or repair is needed and we will never do any work that is not necessary for your family to be safe on the road. "Trust Us to Keep You Safe!

TP Brake and Muffler...and don't forget tires, too!

Our History

T.P Brake & Muffler is a true family operation.

The original owners of TP Brake and Muffler were Charles Tillson and his brother-in-law Larry Polisse. The first location was the Rome shop which started in 1969 with four employees and three lifts. The Utica location opened in 1973 with three employees and four bays. The businesses have been growing ever since; Rome now has twice as many people employed and four lifts plus a front-end alignment machine. The Utica shop has expanded to 13 employees and ten service bays. As family operated business, the people that work there are treated like family. The average employee has been working there for 10 years and some have been at TP for over 40 years. It's no surprise that the improvements and changes that the current owner, Charles son, Ken Tillson Sr. talks about are things like employee benefits, vacation and personal time, Christmas bonuses and year-end bonuses. It's easy to see why TP Brake and Muffler has both loyal customers and loyal employees.

What's in store for the future?

Just as Ken took over the business when his dad retired, Ken's two sons work for him in the Rome shop, so another generation is poised to keep TP Brake in the family. TP is consistently making state-of-the-art improvements to keep up with the requirements of today's more technically advanced vehicles, and to insure the generations of satisfied customers continues for many years.

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