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Regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance is necessary to increase the life of your car or truck.

Repairs can be both unnecessary, as well as expensive, if you ignore the warning signs of needing a new muffler. In order to protect your family and the environment from deadly emissions, not to mention a possible ticket for noise pollution, your car's muffler should always be maintained.

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Warning Signs of a Worn Muffler

Loud Exhaust

Probably the first and definitely the most noticeable sign of a failing muffler is a loud noise coming from the exhaust system when you are starting or driving your vehicle. This sound could at first be a low rumbling or could even be a loud knocking. When the muffler begins to go, most people will notice a hissing or rattling sound from the muffler. For a conclusive answer, you should get your car and muffler examined. You may find that the whole muffler is not in need of replacement but possibly just a small hole in the muffler which needs to be repaired.

Buildup of Soot

One way to identify a bad muffler is to look at the muffler itself. If the muffler has black soot substance built up on it, it is likely that the muffler is in need of repair. The reason for this black substance is that loose contaminants build up in the system if the muffler is not working properly and these contaminants are subsequently blown out through the muffler.

Allergy Symptoms

If you or your passenger(s) develops allergy symptoms only while in the vehicle, it should be examined. Exhaust fumes in the interior of the vehicle can cause watery eyes, allergy symptoms and coughing. People with heart or lung problems, young infants or the elderly are especially prone to these symptoms.

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