Safety Tip: Have regular brake inspections

By replacing your brake pads regularly, you will save on the cost of having to replace brake rotors and drums on your car.

Letting your brake pads get bad can be costly. TP Brake and Muffler will check your brakes for free. Keep your brakes in good working condition and you will not only save money in the long run for car repairs or truck repairs, but it keeps you safe as well.

Foreign, domestic passenger vehicles & light pick ups including 3/4 and ups including 3/4 and 1 ton vehicles.

Premium parts used.

No hassle lifetime warranty on pads and shoes.

One year labor warranty.

ABS diagnostics.

Most brake work is same day service; 2 - 3 hours.

Over 40 years brake work experience.

Warning Signs of Failing Brakes

Squealing or Squeaking Noise

The first sign of brake wear is usually a squealing or squeaking sound as you apply the brakes. This squeaking sound occurs when the brake pads are worn and require replacement. When you hear this squeaking or squealing noise, it is time to have your brakes serviced before more extensive, and expensive, complications arise.

Brakes Smell "Hot"

If you are finding it harder to stop your car, or it is necessary to pump the brakes when trying to stop, it is possibly due to an excessive buildup of heat around the brake assembly, which may ultimately result in brake failure. You will notice a "hot" or burning smell after you park your car if this is the case.

Car "Pulls" When Stopping

If you feel your car pulling off to one side when you attempt to stop, it is likely an indication that the brakes are out of adjustment. Over time, brakes out of adjustment will cause uneven brake wear. This will cause difficulty in handling when stopping, particularly if you have to stop abruptly at high speed.

Grinding Sound

When your brake pads are entirely worn and damaged, a grinding noise will occur. This noise is the result of metal-on-metal contact. This is a sign of a severe brake problem, and must be remedied immediately in order to avoid putting you at risk.

Difficulty Pressing the Brake Pedal

If it is necessary to apply added pressure to press down on the brake pedal, it is possibly a sign that the vacuum assist unit, a mechanism that makes it easy to press the brake pedal, has a leak. This will require examination and possible servicing.

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