Resolutions Already Forgotten?

January 30, 2016

Don’t tell me. January whizzed by and you already forgot your New Year’s resolutions. I did. So I decided to start a new list. Join me…


I resolve to take good care of my car, including a regular under wash during the months when salt is on the road.

I resolve to change the windshield wipers as necessary so that my line of vision is clear and clean

I resolve to keep an additional bottle of windshield wiper fluid in the trunk. I hate running out of windshield wash while driving. It’s dangerous, too!

I resolve to bring my car in to check on the life of its battery. No more frigid mornings with a car that won’t start. And, while I’m at it, I resolve to have the brakes checked, too!

I resolve to keep extra gloves in my glove compartment. I’ve lost too many to count and it can get pretty cold this time of year.

I resolve to buy a lock de-icer in case my car door lock gets frozen.

I resolve to thank my car every day for getting me to and from work and play, and keeping my family safe on the road.


I’m going to post my resolutions on my refrigerator this time, so I won’t forget them. What about you?

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