Winter Woes on the Road

February 17, 2016

You feel it even before your nose hits the air. The chilling cold, the poor visibility, the dusting of snow hiding the sheet of ice. Winter is fiercely making itself known.


With no car starter, you’ll need to get into the freezing car and hope it starts.


First hurdle – The car door is frozen shut. Try putting pressure on the door by leaning hard on it. You may be able to break the seal. If it doesn’t work, use warm water to melt the seal. If you have a hair dryer available with a long cord, try melting the ice. If all else fails, give up, go inside and have a hot cup of coffee and wait for Spring.


Second hurdle – The snow plow has blocked your driveway entrance. Bundle up and get the snowblower, or snow shovel. Or, if you planned ahead, you may have signed an agreement with a local snow plowing service. The cost is usually reasonable, they come early and you’re carefree and warm inside as they plow outside.


Third hurdle – Slippery roads are a hazard. Drive slowly and carefully. Brake gently and if you start swerving, take your foot off the brake.


Fourth hurdle – You get stuck in snow. Stay calm and don’t spin your tires. Put your car in the lowest gear and back up slowly. Stop. Then move forward, slowly. By rocking it gently, it should help the car gain traction. If that doesn’t work, try moving the tire slightly to the left or right and start the process again. Don’t panic if it doesn’t work. Did you by any chance put a shovel in the trunk. Or kitty litter? Or sand? Or do you have some cardboard or an old rug that you could slide under the tire? If all fails, it may be time to call a local garage or a road service like AAA.


Winter has its challenges, it’s true. But take a moment and let your senses take in the beauty of trees blooming in garments of white, rooftops glistening like ski slopes, streets turning blissfully quiet. Appreciate the winter wonderland. Forget the winter woes.

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