Winter Tires – Are They Worth Buying? 

February 3, 2023

In short, the answer is: YES! 

If you live in an area that receives a lot of harsh winter weather – having snow tires can be extremely beneficial. Purchasing winter tires can provide many safety benefits, but also some financial ones as well. 

Safe in the snow 

The winter can last for several months, sometimes five to six months – which is almost half of the year! Purchasing winter tires can provide superior traction, braking and cornering in all winter driving conditions compared to an all-season tire. Which means better traction whether the road surface is snow-covered, icy, wet, or even dry. 

No matter if your vehicle is two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, you and your family can drastically increase your safety on the road for many winters to come with a new set of winter tires! 

Money $aved in the end 

Investing in a good set of winter tires might seem unappealing at first, but when you consider that winter tires will prolong the life of your all-season tires by not using them in the winter – it begins to save you money overall. 

There are many benefits to upgrading your tires in the winter months, if you feel that winter tires might be a worthwhile investment for you or loved ones – you can always contact our knowledgeable staff to learn more. 

Frequently asked questions: 

When should I switch to winter tires? 

Switch from all-season tires when the typical temperatures you’re driving in fall below 45 degrees. Take off your winter tires when the temperature is routinely above 45 degrees. 

How do I safely store tires? 

Store tires properly in the off-season to help maximize their lifespan. Keep tires clean and wrapped in sealed plastic bags and stand them upright away from the elements. 

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