Winter Hack BUSTED

February 4, 2022

Lift Wiper Blades up off the Windshield to Avoid Freezing

FACT: Wiper arms left up will cause lasting damage.

Ahead of a big storm, we see parking lots full of cars that put their windshield wipers up. FACT: Wiper arms left up will cause lasting damage. Never leave your wiper blades up; Leaving the wiper arms up not only damages the springs to the wiper arms it damages the blade’s effectiveness, as well as the rubber tips, which wears them prematurely.

Windshield wipers are pressed flat to the glass by tension springs within the wiper arm. These springs are stretched when you pull the wiper arm upwards away from the glass. This is okay for a short time, like when you are changing the wiper blades. However, leaving them in an upward position for a long time (or in high winds) can permanently stretch the springs. This is why it is not a good idea to leave your wiper blades up in preparation for cold precipitation. Once you stretch out that spring, the wiper arm can no longer provide the right amount of pressure, causing poor wipe quality.

Here are some things you can do instead!

  1. Invest in a product like Frost Guard or a waterproof tarp for coverage. Frost Guard covers the windshield, the wipers as well. It attaches to the side mirrors and the side flaps go inside the doors.
  2. Put plastic bags from the grocery store over the wipers. Ice doesn’t adhere to that type of flexible plastic.
  3. Slide foam sleeves over the wiper blades, (e. a pool “noodle”) cut it a little longer than the blades, then slide the blade inside and keep the wipers down to avoid stress or damage. When you clean the windshield, just slide the sleeves off and you’re good to go.
  4. Also, keep a spray bottle filled with alcohol and spritz down all the windows prior, no crust snow, or ice to chip away later.
  5. Stay home until July


Just kidding, we know you can’t stay home until July! If you notice wear and tear on your wiper blades stop into TP Brake & Muffler in Utica or Rome and our team will give your car a check-up. Head over to for money-saving coupons. Drive Safe this winter!


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