Winter Car Care Tips

October 28, 2021

Winter is just around the corner. That means salted streets, icy roads, freezing temperatures, and snow. Make sure your car is well cared for during the difficult winter months by utilizing these winter car care tips. Here are a few simple car care tips that can go a long way toward making sure your car stays in great shape all winter long.

Invest in Winter Tires

Snow tires are made of softer rubber than all-season tires which allows them to retain flexibility, even in the coldest of cold. Tread patterns on these tires also allow for exceptional grip in the snow and ice

Check Your Lights

Check all interior and exterior lights are working properly. We recommend a headlight restoration service to improve the clarity of your headlights to help you been seen better by other drivers.

Maintain That Battery

Before winter gets an icy grip on your battery, have your electrical system tested, including your battery and alternator. Also, check the battery using a voltmeter to make sure it’s in good condition. Your voltmeter should read 12.4 volts or higher.

Top Off Both Gasoline and Washer Fluid

Gas & Washer Fluid are two liquids you should try to keep full during the winter. A full gas tank may prevent accumulated water from freezing inside your fuel pump. A full windshield-washer reservoir is critical, as messy road debris from a snowstorm can sometimes necessitate constant window washing to see where you’re going

Test Your Defroster and Heater

Finally, check your car’s window defroster and its climate control system to make sure both items are still working properly. The climate control system will help keep you warm in the winter while the defroster will keep your windows from icing up.

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