Why Does My Car Not Start?

March 10, 2022

If your vehicle won’t start, chances are it’s either a dying or dead battery or a faulty alternator. However, there are several other reasons that could be to blame.

Below are some common reasons:

  1. Dead Battery or Bad Battery Connections-A good place to begin when diagnosing a no-start situation is to check the battery. If your motor doesn’t turn over and the lights don’t come on or are dim, chances are your battery is dead. Try to jump-start your battery with the help of another car and a set of jumper cables.

Check your battery connections to make sure there aren’t any loose cables, and that they don’t have corrosion on the battery terminals. Most auto parts stores will test a battery for free.

** If the battery warning light on your dashboard is lit, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your battery—it could be an issue with your electrical system.

  1. Faulty Alternator-If a jump-start doesn’t fix the problem, your alternator may be failing to recharge your battery or you may have a broken or loose drive belt, which drives the alternator.


  1. Fuel System Problem-If the starter cranks and the lights work, it could be your fuel tank is empty or too low on gas, the gas line or fuel filter is clogged, or the fuel pump isn’t working.


  1. Bad Starter Motor- If the starter motor doesn’t crank, or grinds and clicks, but the lights and horn work, the starter motor or electrical relay could be bad.


  1. Clogged Air or Fuel Filter- If debris is built up in either filter, the car can’t ‘breathe’ and the gas can’t ignite.


  1. Smart Key Issue- If the battery inside your key fob has died or the transmitter stops working, there’s no signal and therefore your car won’t start.


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