What’s That Sound and What To Do!

August 31, 2022

Turning your vehicle on and hearing an unexpected shriek, rumble, or hiss is alarming and possibly costly. Although, by understanding how to identify and fix sounds that your vehicle makes, you can save time and money.

Disclaimer: All vehicles are produced and manufactured differently, and all information about sounds and quick fixes may not be correct for your current situation.


These noises are directly related to your vehicles brakes. Squeaking or grinding is caused by worn down brake pads or water/sand within the breaking mechanism. If the noise continues after a few days of driving then it is time for a trip to T.P. Brake & Muffler. If you haven’t read it yet, check out our previous blog 3 Ways to Increase the Average Life of Your Brakes


Rattling noises are often described as sounding like a coin in a clothes dryer. This sound is caused by a loose lug nut and needs a mechanic’s attention ASAP.


Droning noises are related to tire issues. If you hear a consistent droning sound while driving, then your tires are in need of some attention. You most likely have “feathered” tires and should seek help. Does your tire light keep coming on? See why here.


These particular noises occur in front or all wheel drive vehicles while turning, and indicate an issue with the CV joints on your front axel.

Avoid Possible Larger Problems;

Pay close attention to the early warning signs of issues your vehicle may have. Peculiar sounds are a tell tale sign of needed attention, and when ignored can snowball into larger problems as well as creating unsafe circumstances.

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