What not to say to police

April 10, 2014

What not to say to police

What not to say to the police officer when you’re stopped…

For speeding:

“Sorry, officer, I don’t usually speed.”

“Sorry, officer, I would have slowed down if I had known you were behind me.”

“Sorry, officer, how can I make this up to you?

“Do you know who I am?

“I have a friend in the DA’s office, he’ll fix this ticket.”


For passing recklessly:

“Officer, I was just trying to get home early to watch ‘The Walking Dead.’”


For going through a red light:

“Sorry, officer, I left my glasses home and I can’t see very well without them.”

For not moving aside for an ambulance:

“Officer, I was speeding up to get out of the way of the ambulance but it kept tailgating me so I had to drive faster to keep ahead of it.”

For driving with a noisy muffler:

“Well, officer, I made an appointment with TP Muffler and Brake for this morning but I forgot about it. Besides, if I put the music on loud enough, I hardly hear it.”


The police officer stops to help when you have a flat tire:

“I don’t understand what happened, officer. My tires have been bald a long time and this has never happened before.”


For passing a stopped school bus:

“I know, officer, but I was driving really slowly just in case a child ran in front of me.”


What to do…

Be calm. Be polite. Be honest. Don’t argue. Say “thank you” if he/she doesn’t give you a ticket….and, even when he/she does. Then…go and have a nice day.

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