What Drives Me Nuts about Nuts on the Road

June 10, 2014

What Drives Me Nuts about Nuts on the Road


You often hear complaints about drivers. Here are some of the more common things that our drivers tell us drive them nuts about other drivers.

  • The driver who speeds through the intersection after the light has turned red.
  • The driver who seems to have no idea the vehicle has a turn signal.
  • Music so loud that it vibrates into your car.
  • The family of foul (fowl) drivers; turkeys who want to play chicken.
  • The person who is driving while “window shopping”.
  • Drivers who drive too slow.
  • Drivers who drive too fast.
  • Drivers who make sudden stops.
  • The rubber neckers who slow down to see what – and the police are already there.
  • Those impatient tailgaters.
  • People who can’t park and take up two parking places or double-park.
  • The person with who uses two parking places to keep other cars away from their expensive car.
  • Left turns from right lanes.
  • Right turns from left lanes.
  • The person who parks his car so close that you can’t get in your car.


Send me what drives you nuts about other drivers and I’ll post them in my blog.

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