Top 5 Road Trip Games

May 1, 2019

During a family road trip, connect with each other, not the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot! Keep the kids entertained and bust the “Are we there yet?” blues with five of our favorite road trip games. Whether your drive is two hours or ten, these fun (and free!) games will keep everyone in the car having a good time.

Name Game

Test your pop culture knowledge and alphabet skills with this fun, rapid-fire game! One person starts with the name of a famous person. The person next to them then has to quickly come up with another celebrity whose name starts with the first letter of the previous person’s last name. For example, if the game starts with “Miley Cyrus”, the next person could say “Cameron Diaz”.

Word Association

This quick-paced game helps the time go by and expands your vocabulary! One person in the car says a random word, and the person next to them thinks of a word that is related to it. The game keeps going until someone gets stuck or says something that clearly doesn’t associate with the last play.

20 Questions

A timeless classic- for good reason! This game is familiar to just about everyone, young and old, and the rules couldn’t be simpler. One passenger thinks of a person, place or thing, but keeps it a secret. Everyone else in the car takes turns asking yes or no questions about that thing and gets one guess as to what it is. The game continues until the guessers either figure it out or get to 20 questions and are still stumped, in which case the thinker wins!

Alphabet Categories

A fun twist on the classic alphabet game, this game begins with one person naming a category, like TV Shows, Foods, or Places. Starting with A, go around the car and have each person name something in that category that starts with the next letter. Keep going until you get all the way to Z- or until a passenger can’t think of an answer!

Fortunately / Unfortunately

This game is fun for teens who might not be as entertained by 20 Questions or I Spy. One person starts by saying “Fortunately…” and talking about something good. Moving clockwise around the car, the next person says “Unfortunately…” and follows up on what the previous situation with a silly twist. The story continues going back and forth between “Fortunately” and “Unfortunately” until one person gets stumped. For example, a round could go like this: “Fortunately, I am very excited for our trip to the beach!” “Unfortunately, we took the wrong exit and now we’re headed to the moon.” “Fortunately, I remembered to pack my space suit just in case!”

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