Tips to Keeping a Tidy Car

October 8, 2020

Whether you are the type of person who cleans their car weekly, once a year or somewhere in between, we’re giving you some handy dandy tips to keep the inside looking and smelling fresh. 

First things first – air fresheners. No one wants to get into a car that smells like wet dog and leftover fast food. Finding the right air freshener that isn’t overpowering but gets the job done can be tricky. The little trees black ice scent is a classic but it’s 2020 and we’re stepping it up. I’m telling you; Bath & Body Works air fresheners are where it’s at. Not only do they have the most amazing scents, they also have the cutest reusable fragrance holders. Plus, there’s almost always a sale where you can get 3 fragrances for $9

Up next, unsure of what to do with garbage in the car? Do not throw it on the ground expecting to pick it up and bring it inside when you get home, because it will most likely end up staying there. Amazon sells many different options of car trash bags that will help keep the floor of your car a lot cleaner. If you are not looking to spend any money, keeping a few small grocery bags somewhere in your car will also do the trick. 

Having children or animals in your car can make keeping things clean just slightly more difficult. Purchasing a seat protector or cover to help resist damage from car seats, animal scratches and hair will go far. These will protect your leather or fabric from quickly being destroyed. Most covers can be easily taken off and even put in the washing machine. 

Cleaning products such as disinfecting wipes are always smart to keep in your vehicle as well. Along with hand sanitizer, tissues and napkins. Whenever I go through a drive-thru, I take the extra napkins they give me and store them in my glove compartment. Trust me, they are never wasted!

Trying to keep your vehicle safe and clean during the upstate NY winter can be a frustrating challenge. Between the maintenance checklist from part one of this series to these tidy car tips, you have all the guidance on how to keep your vehicle fresh inside and out. Try them out and see what works best for you!

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