Spring is Right Around the Corner, Right?

March 11, 2016

Winter driving gives your car a beating. The salt, grime and sand on the road cover your car. Potholes cause your car to misalign. Rough winter driving wears the tread on your tires. Winter driving also impacts the performance of your brakes.


With Spring around the corner, you’ll want to give your car some gentle loving care – especially after all the rough driving this winter.


Wash that salt and grime off your car and give it a waxing.


Ask your trusted mechanic to check your brakes. And, if you notice that your car is pulling or veering to one side or the other, you probably need to have the alignment checked, too.


Check the tread on the tires. You may want to have the tires rotated to equalize the tread wear. And, check the tire pressure. Adjust it according to the suggested tire pressure for the make and model of your car.


Check your engine’s fluids. Top off your windshield wiper fluid often. Those early Spring days are muddy. A dirty windshield can cause poor visibility.


After winter, check and replace spark plugs if needed. Worn out spark plugs impact fuel efficiency.


Your windshield wipers have been working overtime this winter. You may need to get a fresh, new set for the Spring.


Inspect the exterior of your car for rust and treat it as soon as possible.



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