It’s Tune-Up Time!

June 1, 2021

Have you ever started up your car and thought, “she just ain’t runnin’ like she used to?” The dash is lighting up like the 4th of July, you feel like you’re getting a cheap massage because your car vibrates so much, and Ol’ Betsy’s stirring wheel has to be pulled to the right to drive straight. Don’t even mention the gas mileage. And that’s on a GOOD day! Don’t it make you want to drive it off a cliff and thumb your way back into town?! What if we told ya, there’s something you could have done so your car didn’t get to this point?

The secret sauce to keeping Ol’ Betsy in ship shape is the overlooked and underrated Tune-Up! Tune-ups are preventative and proactive maintenance that zeroes in on problem areas and fixes small issues, so they don’t blow up (pun intended). Most tune-ups consist of a detailed engine check searching for leaks, cracks, or sounds that shouldn’t be there. If problems are found, your mechanic may suggest getting some servicing done for better handling, minimizing breakdowns, and giving you a better ride overall. It’s a good idea to get a tune-up annually or every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Read on to tune in on more tune-up benefits!

More miles between pumping!

Does it seem like you have to fill up more than you used to? There are lots of different reasons why gas mileage drops (again pun intended). Aggressive driving behavior can’t be fixed with a tune-up, but tire pressure, tire alignment, and sticky breaks can! A tune-up can fix all the little things that are keeping your vehicle thirsty. Schedule a tune-up and you’ll be spending less on gas and more on truly important things…like tacos. What kinda world are we living in when our gas money is cutting into our precious taco funds?!

A buttery-smooth ride for days!

We all know too well that the older our vehicles get the shakier those trips become. How about those cold mornings where you’re sitting turning the key in the ignition over and over while your vehicle fails to wake up? Hundreds of internal components can cause these problems. Power and energy checks during a tune-up put a huge magnifying glass on these issues. A certified mechanic can find and fix those issues, so all you’ll be thinking about is where you’re going to get those tacos each time you’re behind the wheel!

Warning lights begone!

Those are warning lights on your dash, not hieroglyphics! Is there a difference?! If you’re looking for a sign to get a tune-up, here it is! Each light is trying to tell you something. The real question is do you have the car manual handy to know what each of these little buggers is trying to tell you? Our mechanics are here to uncover the age-old mystery of what they mean, why they’re glowing, and how to fix them fast (minus the black tape you put over them so you don’t have to look at them anymore).

Tune-ups often include checks on exhaust leaks, ignition troubles, gaskets, valves, rings, battery voltage, engine leaks, and a partridge inna pear tree! They exist to stomp out little baby problems before they grow up into scary monster problems! As Ol’ Betsy gets up there in years, the more important these annual tune-ups become. Make sure you’re bringing her in and she’ll keep kicking for years to come!

TP Brake and Muffler is a family-owned auto service and truck repair business for over fifty years! At our TP Brake and Muffler centers, we have been trusted for integrity in our work! We will do a completely free inspection of your vehicle to determine if any service or repair is needed and we will never do any work that is not necessary for your family to be safe on the road. You can Trust Us to Keep You Safe! To schedule your tune-up or find out more information, give us a call at one of our centers!

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