Is My Vehicle Prepared for Winter?

October 31, 2022

Winters, especially in Upstate NY take a huge toll on vehicles and reduce their lifetime. By properly preparing your car for the wintertime, you can avoid issues further down the road and extend your car’s use.


First you must prepare your battery for a long and strenuous cold season. Batteries tend to die in colder weather, this issue can be avoided by testing your battery at the beginning of the season and replacing it if necessary. A mechanic can better diagnose issues in your battery and can test it more efficiently.


Next up it is time to winterize your tires. First, it is important to rotate your tires and replace any that are in bad shape. Winter tires are a great investment and can offer a safer environment for driving on the hazardous winter roads. Throughout the winter, monitor and maintain your necessary tire pressure. Tire pressure for your car can be found inside the driver’s side door and is measured in PSI.


It is suggested to get your brakes checked pre- and mid-winter. This step is especially important in the winter as slippery roads are strenuous on your vehicle’s brakes and brakes will need replacing faster in the winter. Snow creates moisture and the salt from the roads will create rust on the brake mechanisms, which will in turn create issues with brake functions. Investing in fresh Blake fluid at the beginning of the winter will also help to maximize brake function.


Having clear visibility is important for safety while driving, as the snow blocks visibility. Before the winter your vehicle needs a new pair of windshield wiper blades, and you can get them for under 20$. You should also invest in windshield wiper fluid that is made specifically for winter conditions, as other kinds tend to freeze up and block visibility.

These methods are meant to save your vehicle in wintery conditions and elongate its lifespan. Although, these are not going to fix every problem that may occur. The best way to expend your car’s lifetime is to drive it carefully and keep up with maintenance. Safe Driving!

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