Don’t Just Depend on Mother Nature

May 3, 2016

A friend of mine is not fastidious about keeping his car clean.


Even in this Spring transition time, with rain and mud commonplace, my friend prefers to wait for the next rainfall to let nature wash his car.


I told him he really needs to do some spring cleaning. First, clean out the cobwebs in his head!

Winter is rough on motor vehicles. Not only the cold, but especially the corrosive salt and dirt.


Perhaps like my friend you don’t want to or you don’t have the time to soap up and wash the car thoroughly, including undercarriage, so take advantage of the convenience of driving the vehicle into a car wash (and get the full treatment, including the undercarriage where salt and grime build up).


Next on the spring cleaning list are the windows. With some glass cleaner spray and paper towels, in no time the windows will be sparkling – and offering a better view.


While you are at it, check the trunk for any winter items you no longer need to cart around –sand bags, shovels, emergency winter wear. No doubt the trunk will need some vacuuming. Check inside the car under the seats for debris that your car seems to magically attract (gloves, food wrappers, coffee cups, coins, dollar bills). Again, don’t be afraid to use the vacuum cleaner.


Finally, don’t forget to wipe down the dash and console.


As I would tell my friend, that doesn’t take too much effort, does it? You take action against the damaging elements of winter, the vehicle looks clean, and you feel better.

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