Distracted Driving Prevention: Part 1

January 31, 2024

Over the next several months we will be featuring driving safety in the TP Brake & Muffler blogs.

According to the National Safety Council website: “Distraction is a danger to all roadway users. Distraction caused by talking on the phone, browsing the internet, using apps, texting, and use of other electronic devices while driving puts all roadway users at risk. The National Safety Council (NSC) supports laws banning the use of electronic devices while driving. Drivers should also avoid other activity that takes a driver’s eyes and mind off the task of driving.”

The NSC website suggests that employers help prevent distracted driving by promoting a driving culture that encourages focusing on only driving while in the vehicle. Company policies and safe driving promotions can help endorse the development of a safe driving culture.

“Drivers should not manipulate electronic devices, including voice-command systems or interactive in-vehicle technology (such as dashboard touchscreens) while driving. Drivers should send or answer texts and emails, program navigation systems, and set-up radio stations and playlists before or after driving.” the NSC website continues.

We will cover more on preventing distracted driving next month. TP Brake & Muffler has two locations: 1205 Oriskany Street, Utica, NY and 304 North James Street, Rome, NY. Appointments are never necessary to have your vehicle serviced at either location. The Utica number is 315-733-7533 and Rome Store is 315-336-9353. Our website is www.TPBrake.com. TP Brake & Muffler. “Trust Us to Keep You Safe.”

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