Common Sense Rules of the Road – Part 2 – Web blog

October 2, 2014

Do you use common sense when driving? We hope so! It could save your life.


Stay with the speed of traffic – not too fast, not too slow.


If someone is tailgating you, move aside so that they can pass you.


Don’t text and drive. We repeat. Do not text and drive.


Don’t talk on your cell phone.


Don’t tailgate.


Signal when making a turn – but not to early- you don’t want to confuse other cars.


After getting gas at the pump, move your car so that the next driver can access the pump.


When driving in fog, use the low beams. High beams will reflect and make it more difficult to see.


When driving at night and a car coming toward you is using high beams, turn your eyes to the right and use the white line on the side of the road as your guide until you pass the car.


When using your windshield wipers, make sure you turn on the headlights.


Speaking of headlights, turn them on about one-half hour before sunset.


Avoid driving through deep puddles. Water in the brakes can cause them to fail or weaken. Once out of the water, apply light pressure on the brakes as they heat up again and get dry.


Keep lights on for one hour after sunrise to ensure being visible.


Align your headlights to ensure good visibility at night.


Be more alert on the road at night, especially Friday and Saturday nights. There are more drivers on the road who are drinking and driving.


Keep an eye out for deer. Where there is one, there may be another. They travel in herds.


Before opening your car door, check to make certain that there are no cars coming.

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