A Time to Say “Thank You”

November 25, 2014

A Time to Say ‘Thank You’


Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, but its spiritual implications are far-reaching. When we say thank-you to someone we all feel uplifted. Let us take this Thanksgiving to remember and to say thank-you to all those people who have crossed our paths on life’s journey, who have made a moment more joyful…


Please add to this list and send a copy of it to those who have touched your lives.


• Thank you first to the God who created me, who gave me life and who daily gives me home.

• Thank you to family who enriches my day and fulfills me.

• Thank you to those I work with whose funny look or creeping smile welcomes me every morning.

• Thank you to the driver who gave me the right of way on that morning when I was so rushed.

• Thank you to the mechanic who fixed my car when I was hundreds of miles away from home.

• Thank you to the police officer who offered to take me home when my car had broken down.

• Thank you to the driver who stopped to help me change my flat tire.

• Thank you to the bus driver who lets cars go by so that they are not late for work.

• Thank you to the garbage collector who handles our discarded items and keeps our streets clean.

• Thank you to dad who taught me how to drive.

• Thank you to the person who plows the streets and keeps them clean and safe.

• Thank you to the school bus driver who safely transports my children to and from school.

• Thank you to the staff at TP Brake and Muffler whose professionalism and respect is acknowledged by the many customers who visit our shops.

• Thank you to the customers of TP Brake and Muffler…


Ok, we’ve started the list; now you add to it. In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving!

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